Playing football ruled every decision Julian MacIntyre ever made, including leaving his high school sweetheart behind to follow his dream. Sidelined by an injury on the field, he’s now making a huge comeback to the NFL as the league’s youngest head coach.

He wants it all. The glory, the job and the girl he walked away from years ago.

As one of the top sports reporters, Addison Hamilton has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. Proven to be a hard-nosed journalist, she asks the tough questions, but when given the opportunity to interview the man who broke her heart, is she willing to cross the lines of professionalism to get the answers she needs?



Addison and Julian are a second chance love that falls in its own amazing and sweet category. Addison has proven on more than once time that even though she is a woman in a male dominated profession, she can hold her own in most situations.

There was a mild bit of anxiety for me throughout the whole beginning of Julian trying to win Addison back into his life. It seemed all to good to be true, there had to be a catch, was he trying to get back at her, make he admit her long lost feelings towards him and tear her down before she could do that to him in his new coaching position?

No, Julian wants her back for real and the way they are with each other and how they trust each other even after all this time was amazing and sweet. The Chemistry they had and still have is Hot and steamy, the relationship they each had with Addison’s Brother is explosive and sweet all rolled into one.

I recommend this 2nd chance romance to any Football fan as well as anyone who LOVES this niche of book.

-Ashton <3

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