My best friend’s sister is back in town, and while she’s here, she’s under my protection. Quinn Parker had her heart broken, and I’ll make sure no one hurts her again.

But when she starts looking around for a hot, no-strings distraction, I can’t stand back and do nothing. No one is touching this vibrant beauty…but me.

She’s the woman of my dreams, but Quinn wants a good time, not a long time. We play by her rules: no one finds out, no one gets hurt. 

I have to keep it casual because an ex-con like me can’t offer her forever…even if I want so much more.



This is seems like it would be a slow burn as most of the ‘Brothers Best Friends” books I have read are but there is so much more to this one that make me love it!

This book is a flip to the normal conventions that I like, mainly because its Bull who has taking over the Pining part as opposed to Quinn. Now I know that is a generalization of these type of books but hold on with me here. Quinn has always been attracted to Bull, because he was older, better looking and treated her with kindness that he normally did not show other people. But that’s as far as it was for Quinn in the start, but Bull… Bull was the one who was torn for his attraction for Quinn and his loyalty to his best friend and her brother.

After she had a terrible break up and needed to get away he offered her a job at his bar and promised to look out for her. He did that more so out of his ned to keep her close and watch her as she navigated mending her broken heart. When she gets mad at him for basically scaring away any guy she met to fulfilling a needs she has, he takes on that role. He is the one to fill that need, and she accepts because of her long time crush.

Then we see more from Bulls side where he wants more and more from her. He is not happy being the booty call, the means to an end and wants her in more ways. But he also is battling with demons from his past, as well as issues with his own self worth. I love seeing it from his perspective and seeing the male lead on this side more than the female. The male just trying to sway her from casual to something more.

I do highly recommend this one!

-Ashton <3

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