A future prince walks into her diner, pretending to be a pauper. Will one kiss cause all her dreams to come true?

Imagine for a moment being dumped by your boyfriend via paper airplane that hits you in the face. And, only minutes later, discover you’re being fired from a job you’ve had for years.

Sounds terrible, right? That’s my day, and it’s only Tuesday. Most of my life has been crappy like that but I refuse to let it get me down.

Hi, I’m Grace and I plan on following my dream no matter what gets in my way. What’s my dream? I think it’s opening an 80’s themed diner. That’s what my good friend told me since I love all things 80’s and diner food. It makes sense so why not?

The only obstacle I’ve come across is tall, with dark hair, an accent that will warm your, uh, heart, and desperate for a job at my diner.

I really wish I didn’t have to fire him.

I will level with you. I’m not who Grace thinks. She sees me as a cool, down-to-earth guy that is humble, caring, and one of the best employees at her diner. She also thinks my name is Nico Aster. I may have stretched the truth by a lot.

My formal title is Nicolas Aster Rowley Chillingham, current Duke of Ironlea and future Prince of Northern Cambria. After the holiday ceremonies and come the new year, I will officially be crowned Prince of Cambria. I’m desperate to get out of becoming a prince so I devise a plan to pretend to be an average guy looking for a job at a diner.

No one in Cambria will find me in the tiny restaurant in Chicago. I plan on returning to my home one day but when I’m ready. The only problem is the owner. The more times I spend getting to know her, the more I wonder if I ever want to go back.



I was a bit skeptical that I would understand this book as it is book 5 in a series, and I will admit there was some parts that I didn’t really understand, but powered through for this fast track full of heart romance.

Have you ever been so sure of you path in life? Me neither and I have made career changes because I wanted and because I had too, I thought I had met the love of my life three different times but was only right once. This story is awesome because it starts with 2 different people on both sides of the world have come to cross roads, but unlike us they have more resources than we do to make the changed that are needed at that time.

Grace decides to embrace who she really is, and Nico decides to try and hide from himself, his family and the world. It is a sweet amazing fast pace romance that I love, and its a nice and awesome mom read, meaning you can read and cook, deal with kids (or husbands) and not get lost. You can follow it and fall in love with Nico and how he does try to what is best for Grace as much as he can.

The Feelings are there and you do feel the love the dilemmas as well as the other big feelings that come your way in this book. I recommend this book to anyone who loves cheesy 80’s movie references, fast pace romance and a real life Cinderella story. The steamy scenes are well worth the read as well.

-Ashton <3

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