REVIEW: Rider By L. Wilder


I’d spent years trying to put the past behind me. I wanted to forget the mistakes I’d made, the dreams I’d lost, but they were a part of me. They made me the man I’d become–a brother of Satan’s Fury MC.

I wore my cut with pride. It was a constant reminder of how far I’d come and who’d helped me get there. I thought I had my life figured out until the day Darcy Harrington came walking into the Satan’s Fury garage. 

I’d grown up with the strong-willed, foulmouthed beauty, and even back then, I wanted to make her mine. But she had her guard up, never letting anyone get too close, including me. 

That was about to change. Come hell or high water, I was going to break down her walls and prove I was a man she could trust.

I’d learned to fight for what I wanted, and I wanted her.



I have been waiting for this book for a while, I was excited to see what was coming after Gus, and Rider did not disappoint in the least.

Rider was a sweeter kind of book, past friendships that come to the front, former crushes that is slowly turning into more, there is a slight slower burn in this book, the lead up and the learning more about his past and why he is who he is. I love learning the origin of how these guys join a 1%er MC, because it’s not a decision that people would not take lightly.

Seeing the dark and scary place he came from, where his mind was and how far he has come to make himself better. But how far he still has to go and what happened in his past to lead him down this road.

I love the old love / crush coming back into the lives and showing how everyone has grown, but stayed the same in the ways that matter.

I highly recommend this book, and this series if you are looking for a GREAT MC Series.

-Ashton <3

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