At twelve years old, I was torn from my family.

At fourteen I met her: my reason to draw breath.

One look into Everly Williams’s big brown eyes and I knew I’d do anything to protect her. And for eight years I did. She was my world. My best friend.

But afraid I’d lose her, I held on too tight. Became a dark cloud blocking her sun. So I did what I needed to, and walked away. I hurt us both.

Now I’m home, and need Everly back in my life. Only everything is different. We’re different. My body burns for her when she’s near. And after one explosive kiss, I know she feels it too. I’ll do whatever it takes to earn her trust again.

Because I don’t want what we had before. I want it all…for a lifetime.

A best friend’s to lovers romance in the sexy new Rocktown Ink series.



I am a sucker for friends who turn in to lovers because there is that established sense of love and devotion to one another. I like the spin on this one that there was not one that was pining the whole time for the other. There was a natural love that grew, there was conflict that made my heart break for Everly, she truly did feel abandoned by Dane, who was doing what he thought was best, because she was his best friend, his world. He lived to protect her and make sure she was ok at all times. Even if he over stepped the limits of what was really needed.

Dane is a sweet and broken man, who has watched over Everly for years, when an incident involving one of her less desirable dates at the time, caused Dane to make a call that broke him almost as much as it broke Eves. Who now felt abandoned by EVERYONE who ever loved her, she had to start over again and then after 18 months, Dane was back and wanted so very much to get his best friend back.

She agreed if he taught her how to date, and one kiss was all that it took for him to want more than just to be her friend, and was ready to work slow and hard to get her on his level.

Dane and Everly are not my favorite dream couple, I was sad to see it come to an end.

I will gladly give this 5 Stars!

-Ashton <3

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