REVIEW: Lip Smacker By Alison G. Bailey


Logan Heath was the sweetest and most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He was popular, smart, and the star quarterback of Fort Johnson High. Every girl in school followed him around in hopes of getting his attention. I was no different, except that I admired Logan from afar. With him being a superstar junior and me being an awkward freshman at a new school, our coupling was a mere pipe dream.

Implementing my top-notch investigating skills I learned from reading The Nancy Drew Mysteries, I followed Logan’s life from high school through his college career, and then some. Fearing that my stalker-ish tendencies were becoming more of a mental health issue, I purposely lost track of him five years ago. I admit since that time I have thought of Logan. And when I say thought I mean he has popped into one or forty R-rated dreams of mine.

The day he walked into my bakery, butterflies fluttered in my stomach, tingles tingled my skin, and a sequence of R-rated dreams flashed through my head. But I was no longer that awkward teenager, too scared to speak to him. I had grown into a confident woman. A woman who wanted to admire Logan Heath up close and personal. Unfortunately, from the very beginning, Logan wanted something from me that I was not willing to give him.



I was intrigued by this book for one reason… She was online stalking her high school ex…. No I am not a crazy person who does that, but I knew it was going to spell hilariety.

I was honestly surprised that, that part was more of a lure than anything and focused more on the current events that are transpiring between Lip and Logan. But let’s not forget to mention that Hilariety does come in, and her name is Elipheleta, or Gram as she is affectionately known, and Lips name sake.

It is sweet, sassy and just a fun read, Logan comes in as the bad guy, the closer. which made me picture him as Gabriel Macht from Suits the whole book. Logan is sweet and really trying to just get Lip to see him and she still sees him as the cocky guy using their history to take her future from her.

There is a lot of sweet one on one moments and funny moments involving Gram and her old age lack of filter.

I do recommend this, for a fun easy read.

-Ashton <3

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