REVIEW: Joy By Lilly Atlas


Life, death, trauma, healing; the Hell’s Handlers have been through it all over the past year. They’ve conquered old enemies, acquired new ones, and struggled through devastating upheavals. So far, they’ve come out on top, knocking down challenges by focusing on one essential ideal: family above all. With Copper at the helm, the Handlers are a patchwork family of bikers who will fight to the death for what they’ve created.

And after all they’ve survived over the past three hundred and sixty-five days, the Handlers are ready to lay down their weapons, pick up their drinks, and coast through the holidays with nothing but joy in mind. But as often happens with life in an MC, Christmas takes a back seat to club drama.

As the year rolls to a close, the men and women of the club will experience new life, new chapters in love, and plenty of new beginnings. But not everything is sparkly and bright as dangerous enemies threaten the tight-knit group of rough and rowdy bikers. Will twenty-nineteen end in tragedy, or will the club once again emerge victorious in time to find a little joy for the holidays?



I have been Lilly Atlas fan for a long while, she was the one who introduced me into the wonderful world of MC Romance books.

I love Joy because it is a nice wrap up of stories that were started long ago as well as opens the door for more things to come.

I am a huge fan of Copper and Shell, as well as Jig, and this book allows us to explore their lives after their book has been completed, from their point of view. I like that as it is a carry on and completed the story for a few of our favorite couples, but it also shows us how they have grown as well.

Thats is why I love Lilly books because her characters are ever evolving and growing, like real people. I like that and I also like that it isn’t like other wrap up books, where it just completes the small open story lines from the main books, but this one creates a whole new story line that we can see from multiple angles and viewpoints.

I also like that there is this new villian that we can work with and wonder what is going to come through in later books.

I do recommend this book!
-Ashton <3

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