All Jesse Rogers wants is one night.

One night to forget she’s a cop. To let her hair down. To finally have some fun.

The sexy stranger she meets in Vegas? Yeah, he delivers. Multiple times.

With no regrets she walks away, never believing she will see him again until she gets an unexpected surprise.

Finding out the father of her child is the irresistible bad-boy billionaire Joshua Hastings, the last thing Jesse wants is to play happy families.

Too bad Joshua is a man used to getting his way and he’s determined to make her his, and Jesse, well, she doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to resist…

HOLDING OUT FOR HOPE is a steamy, surprise pregnancy, billionaire romance. It is the third book in the Holding Out series and can be read as a standalone.



Book three and I am in love with this series and this amazingly sweet author.

I love this leading lady as she is a strong independent woman, who does have a supportive, while overbearing, support system when she finds out that a one night stand with nameless stranger turns into a lifelong commitment. The question she couldn’t answer was who was the amazing man who made her come apart at the seems more than once.

Little did she know he was closer than they both thought, as he found her by accident, but he hadn’t stopped thinking about her, for different reasons. When he finds out he is going to be a father, you think he would flip out and think that he wasn’t ready for this, as is normal fashion. But this story is flipped yet again when he is all for this and wants to be a family, he wants her and their child to be with him at all times. But she is the one who wants to just be friends and co parent, which honestly makes this story even more awesome and great to read.

It is a great story where the love of the child is never called into question, and its has refreshing takes on the family dynamic with a strong leading lady, and everyone’s dream man!

-Ashton <3

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