REVIEW: Dirty Swedish Player By R.C. Stephens


NHL hockey star Nils Karlsson is dealing with the aftermath of a drunken mistake. A pic of his cock along with the #bigstick has gone viral.

The managers of his NHL hockey team have placed him on probation and told him to find a girlfriend and settle down, but he doesn’t want to give up on his wicked ways.

When his former stepsister reappears in his life, she’s a picture of beauty, innocence and brains. She hates his guts, but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse . . .

Broke and desperate, Sierra Cole believes bad things happen in threes. Now she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it does, in the form of her former hotter-than-hell stepbrother.

She hates him with a passion, but she’s in a bind and he’s willing to pay her to be his fake girlfriend. Easy, right?


His kisses are scorching hot and he plays her body like a perfectly tuned violin. Too bad he isn’t relationship material.

Will the nerd score the dirty Swedish player, or will this fake relationship end in heartbreak?

Book three in a series of standalones



I am nothing, if not honest, and I was not sure I was going to like this one because when I started it, it seemed almost taboo. Step Siblings dating, the idea didn’t appeal to me in the slightest, but I have a slight, if not almost severe, Love for Hockey romance books. So I gave it a chance, and I was not let down in the slightest!

Nils is a broken man, let down by not only his abusive and terrible father, and an absent mother, when she was there and more so when she left him alone. Then when he is sent for to come to the USA to be with his mother, he cannot let go of that hurt. Her new family puts something new on him, a step sister, and one who has her own issues brought on by her own absent mother and over bearing father.

They are forced into an almost impossible situation of faking a relationship to help her, but it only did more damage. Fast forward a few years they are is different places, but still broken below the surface. They have not spoken for years, and they are forced back into the same impossible situation. But will there be changes?

I loved the sweet underlay and growth that is portrait in this book, on both parts, it is sweet to see a friend dynamic that supports both sides. As well as coming to terms with feelings and how friendships change and evolve into more.

-Ashton <3

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