REVIEW: Cocky Player By Stacey Lynn


Like most guys I have a type— she wasn’t mine.

Not at all.

The angelic beauty on the dance floor has innocence written all over her. But I can’t stay away. And when she runs from me, leaving me wanting more, I can’t get her out of my head.

Turns out finding her won’t be too hard. My mystery virgin is the new marketing assistant for the Rough Riders Football team. And the owner’s daughter.

She wants to lose her virginity and she’s come to me for one thing, and one thing only. I’ll gladly help her out, but we have to be careful no one discovers us.

The last thing I need is for my boss to find out I’ve been teaching his baby girl all my dirtiest plays.

But I didn’t get to be MVP by playing by the rules. 



The Instant Chemistry between Brenna and Connor was there right from the start, but the hot and cold in some parts left me wanting. She was a sheltered girl trying to overcome trauma, he was a boy who had worked so hard to get what he wanted that he never took it for granted. But that doesn’t mean he did seek out any perks of the day.

I Did like the book and how the premise came to be, But I never really understood fully why Brenna went around it the way she did. And The fact that Connor was not as upset as Imagined, because he may have seemed like a player and a ladies man. He did have respect for the women and they knew the score before they started.

I have not read a book by Stacey and this was the first and really did like it that I am looking into the first 3 books of this Rough Riders series. I am big on the sport novels and that is why I think I may be a bit biased on this, but I am also very picky on what ones I read. This is one that I would re read again and again.

Thank you
-Ashton <3

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