They call him ‘Wilde Man’. Rumor has it he’s an animal on the ice and between the sheets.

Like the rest of the female population, I’ve been crushing on Clancy Wilde, the captain of Boston University’s hockey team, since the first time I saw him. Big, blond, and charming, he ticks all the boxes.

When we find ourselves at a wedding, drunk and flirting, I know I can finally check this tattooed, bad boy, hockey player off my wish list.

One night is all it was meant to be, until I see two pink lines on the pregnancy test.

How did the notch on my belt turn into a ball and chain?

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Praise for the novel:

“Oh my gosh! This book was amazing!” – blog

“No one writes a confirmed bachelor turned swoony, love-of-your-life like Jacob. Get ready ladies, Clancy is going to steal your heart!” – Keri Loves Books

“Anytime Jacob Chance releases a novel I spare as much time as necessary to devour his words!” – Words We Love by Blog

Author Bio:

Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.

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My Review


It is a slow burn sweet and caring book. They have known each other for years in passing and the attraction was there the whole time but they could not act because, one they lived to far apart, and Clancy’s cousin is Tenley’s very best friend. But the chance meeting at a wedding, that left Sophie distracted, they finally gave in to temptation, that changed the course of their life forever.

I really liked how real it was kept, but there was no real conflict in this book. seemed to logical and straightforward at some points. I have been reading way to many books with drama and crazy thoughts that this was not only a breath of fresh air, but seemed strange and off putting at some point. But then the sweet and caring moment would hit again and I would fall in life of this book again.

This book did not leave me with that book hang over where you cannot wait for the next book. But it did leave me happy and full of closure of their story, and I cannot wait to see who is next on the Terriers Series.

I don’t recommend this book if you are into sports books because there was not a lot of sports in this, but the sweet caring story is worth it if you like soft and fluffy with some sexy time.

-Ashton <3

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