REVIEW: All The Forbidden Things By Lesley Jones


When all that you want, is all that’s forbidden… 

I’ve known him my entire life. 
Before marriage. 
Before fatherhood. 
Before betrayal. 
Now, he’s one of rock’s bad-boys trying to be good. 
Trying to be the best father he can for his daughter. 
He’s my brother’s best friend. 
He’s my boss. 
He has a wife. 
Max isn’t mine to have, but I want him all the same. 
And I haven’t survived all that I have to not go after what I want. 

Her story is a tragedy, mine’s a publicity disaster. 

Just when I needed her most, she walked back into my life, and the timing couldn’t be worse. 
With a newborn baby, a divorce, an album to record, and a world tour to plan, I don’t need the distraction. 
She’s off limits. 
She’s my best friend’s little sister. 
She’s my nanny. 
Billie’s a golden drop of sexy sun on a grey autumn day, tempting me into the light and a life full of possibilities. 
A life not meant for us.



This book sucked me in from the first chapter! There were many things that had me humming and hawing before I read it that I wasn’t overly sure that I would like it, but my love for the single dad books and my love of rockstars, made me try it and I was not disappointed in the least!

The Hop of the page instant connection between Billie and Max made your heart bleed for them in what they needed to go through. There was also the amazing friendship between Cal and Max, as well as Cals wife that made things work as well. There was a great build to all the characters involved that just kept you in. It also has been a long while since there was a character that I just plain didn’t like in a book, no matter the issues they were going through.

Normally I am ok with the viewpoints being split between the two main character, and anything more bothers me, but the slight inclusion of others has only added to the depth of what is going on. I like how the address the age gap, but they don’t revolve around it. They look into the laws and make it a realistic and not over dramatized even thought in reality most celebrity new is big like this and they are using public image as a real excuse.

I do not like how there is a loose end with the father of one of the lead conflict characters… When you get a chance to read it, let me know if you agree.

Thanks for reading,

-Ashton <3

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