I know we don’t like talking about the books we didn’t finish unless some one asks for your opinion on it…. And some of the books I have loved, have been ripped to shreds in the review section on Goodreads or have a lot of DNF (Did Not Finish) comments and mild reasons as to why. I am going to put these out as I come across them, as I not a picky reader for the most part. I do have ARCs that I have started and not finished but I will not include those on this list as I will be talking about the Goodreads rating vs what I felt about it.

I love to read and am working my way up a goal to read 300 books this year and have just passed 200 Books. But there always seems to be one or 7 books that look amazing and you start reading it and then just cannot finish for so many reasons and I also feel this give people an insight as to what you prefer and look for in a book.

This has nothing to do with the author (in most cases) but more so that it just didn’t speak to me or there was content that just made me feel uncomfortable for many different reasons.

So please, take what I say here with a grain of salt, it is personal preferance as well as what I feel when reading the blurb vs. what I saw when I started reading the book. You never know this may be a book you like it is all about personal preference. This will also contain SPOILERS, so I will include the Blub first, that way if you choose to read it you can skip over what my thoughts on it.

Here we go!


Get ready for mafia, mayhem, and madness!

Gabe Marchionni, New Orleans’ most eligible bachelor, has a problem…

…and it’s wrapped in a pink blanket.

What in the heck is the reluctant new head of mafia family supposed to do with an infant?

Simple. Go find the woman he dumped years ago and convince her to give him a second chance.

Maggie Guthrie is broke, exhausted, and raising her deceased sister’s kids. She’s also a reporter who desperately needs to get the scoop on one of the most illustrious families in the French Quarter, the Marchionnis…

…even if that means running into her ex.

Unfortunately, wishes do come true. So when Gabe shows up on her doorstep with a newborn and a proposition she should refuse, Maggie knows better than to let him into her house…and into her life.

Especially when, falling for him again might cost her more than her heart.

You’ll love this romantic comedy with a smidgen of suspense, because everyone loves a bad boy trying to be a good man.


I found this book on my search for single parent romance tropes and it has a 4.19 Star Score on Goodreads. So I figured this would be a decent enough read, because as much as I love reading Single Parent Trope, a sub trope of that, that is amazing when done just right is Secret/Surprise Babies! So this one hit 2 birds with one stone for me and I was so excited about it!

But once I started reading, there was so much in a backstory that could have been a book all on its own. There was an older brother who was married with kids, he was going to take over the mafia family when the father stepped aside. But he and his wife died leaving all three kids to the wife sister. Gabes parents tried to sue for custody and it created all this drama and issues, Gabe has feelings for the Sister and when a unexpected baby falls on his lap he doesn’t know what to do so he tells his parents then reaches out to Maggie to help him… Then within a few moments of being there stressed about no knowing what to do he opts to be left alone with not only his baby at her place, but the 3 other children!

That and the banter between those main people seems unreal and kinda forced. Yes, I am aware that it is fiction and shouldn’t have to be realistic, but I would like some relatable realism for me to connect with. I mean their siblings were married, they were family and they had feelings, even after the drama there should be some sort of easy talking and he should have some sort of experience with kids as he had some relationships with his nieces and nephews, and if he trusted his parents why wouldn’t he stay with them with this, why would he go and cause more drama and issues by going to her?

Like I said I am sure there are other books by this author that would be amazing but this one fell short for me and I think I only made it in 25% into the book and just could not complete it.

What are your thoughts on this book? Do you agree or Disagree? Was I not giving it a fair enough shake and should have powered through? I am always open to another opinion.

Thanks for Reading!!

– Ashton <3

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