PARENTING: How I really am Dealing with ADHD…

PARENTING: How I really am Dealing with ADHD…

I can tell you right now, I am not dealing with it as well as I could be, it’s still a fairly new diagnosis as well so there is still a lot of work to be done on my end. Spud is also on the 2 year waiting list to get the government diagnosis, it doesn’t matter that his pediatrician, who also has a masters and doctorate in children’s psychology and behaviour, our family Doctor as well as our social worker all have talked with his preschool and his early education teachers, TAs, psychologist, Speech therapist and Occupational Therapist. They all came to the same conclusion, but I do not qualify for any help financially, or is our doctor allowed to prescribe anything, sports or medication, anything we need that piece of paper.

I don’t want to medicate my child, but I want something that will help him as well as us. He lashes out if his routine is messed, and during the summer is more unstable, he makes you feel like you are out to get him sometimes. There has been more than on occasion that the police have shown up at my door because a concerned neighbour has called them. Why? Because when I tell the small little child that I am mommy and when he is mean to me, or sissy or daddy we will have time outs and we will lose our tablet and our toys for a while… What does my small evil spawn do you may ask?

Well he opens his window and yells for help and then he hits himself several times with his own had tr starts to head butt the walls. We have no real help as of yet because we we are missing the ‘government’ diagnosis. So we are trying to fid our own resources, scouring the net and all that wonderful help. and they all say you will have to pay out of pocket larger chunks of money than we can manage at this point in time.

I have been talking to as many government sources and place as I can but because we don’t fall under low income, just lower middle class, we don’t qualify for anything because we are lacking that paper. How are people suppose to live and survive like this, its not fair to my son, its not fair to my daughter who loses out on a lot because we need to punish him in time outs, where he yells and she can’t watch TV, if we can’t go to the park, she can’t go to the park, when he is on time outs in his room, well that is her room too, so she loses there as well. So right now, I am not handling ADHD well at all, I try and follow these guidelines but the second he goes elsewhere for a few hours, less the sitter we are on the same page, he is back to normal and all those weeks of hard work are lost and we have to try again, which means I don’t get a break, because when I get one, I spend it all panicking about what kind of kid I will be getting back. I am upset when he goes to the sitters because I know she can handle it because she is a rockstar and a saint, but he is bad for her and she loses on taking the kids away anywhere. Not just mine, but her little as well, I can’t do sports because I work to late, and the ones that are later or on weekends are full or cost more than we can afford, but we don’t qualify for any help. And sports would be the best thing for him, burn off all that energy, but its all a tables web that I still don’t know how to navigate.

How are you handling ADHD??

-Ashton <3