About Me

Hi! I’m Ashton. 

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a Mommy of two little demons and a furry bed hog as well as a wife to a wonderful man who often masquerades around as my third child. I am currently a stay at home mom, with a newly rekindled  passions for reading Contemporary Romance, and trying my hand at writing them as well. 

I am a 25 (+7) year old, Canadian mommy, like I said I have 2 Demons, my son (We shall call him D1, Or Spud) is 6 years old, and we are currently navigating  the new world of going to school full time as well as Autism and ADHD. My Daughter (we shall call her D2 or Princess Poots) is 4 years old and has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She has a love of Owls (hence my logo) photography, animals and just general mischief. 

My Husband and I have been together for 10 years, married for 7 this year. We have our first baby together, a furry one, who was named by my nieces, Bijoux Beebee Beliber but we just call him Bijoux or “Fucking Cat”, and sadly he is not a kid friendly kitty. But because he is a grumpy old man he would rather run away than stay and fight with the kids who only want to love on him so very much.

I have been a blogger for about 6 years now, I was blogging about being a preemie mama, and our struggles with that, but we are now a full family with one former preemie. So I decided to channel my love of reading, wine and parenting into one beautiful place! 

I am a Unicorn Parent! There will be things I believe that others don’t, doesn’t mean they are wrong, doesn’t mean I am wrong, just means we are all trying to navigate this crazy quest of trying to not create ass-holes for the rest of the world to deal with. We are all awesome and we are all trying our hardest, and in the end if they kids are happy and healthy that is all we need to know. 

On This site you will see My bitching about my kids, what I have learned from my kids, Books…. Lots and lots of mom Porn books… Promos, Cover Reveals, Reviews as well as Release Blitzes….

I hope you enjoy and dont be afraid to comment, message or stalk me on Social Media!! 

Talk to you soon

-Ashton <3