REVIEW: Confessions Of A Naughty Nanny By Piper Rayne


When a famous music producer moves to Lake Starlight it can’t just be a coincidence. It’s the universe helping to move things along in the right direction so that Griffin Thorne can discover me.

I have to confess—I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Confession #1: I may have overhead that he was in search of a nanny. What can I say? My brother has a big mouth.

Confession #2: It’s possible I helped along the assumption that I had nanny experience. Hey, babysitting my nieces and nephew counts, right?

Confession #3: There’s a good chance I oversold my qualifications. But my Grandma Dori backed me up, so it’s not completely my fault.

And it worked. He hired me. Only for me to find out that he left the business.
I guess it’s on to Plan B.

When he accidentally overhears me singing, I expect nothing from him. Then he asks to work with me on a song for our town’s Founder’s Day Parade and it feels like a dream come true. Until…

Confession #4: I’ve fallen for him.



This is another case of I was excited to read this book but was unsure of how I would feel because the lead up to Phoenix was hard for me to relate to her and her spoiled attitude, but there was something that changed between Denver’s story and hers. She grew up and honestly I loved her story!

I have this sever love of the single parent tropes, and Griffin and his son honestly remind me of \a mixture of all the best qualities of al the single dads in the “Single Dads Club” Series (I know that because I am listening to the audiobooks again at work). Maverick brings out all the best of Phoenix and the growing she did in a short amount of time really did resignate with me because when I was 22/23 I was also lost and unsure of where I should be going in life and a chance job set me on a path that has made me happy.

I love the insight on what the family has been going through and the slight peeks into past couples and what they are going through currently. \my heart went through so many emotions I can’t even put into words. Because they are dead giveaways and clues that would ruin the book. But I do recommend this book o so many people!

-Ashton <3

REVIEW: Resilience By Amanda Shelley Book 1 Of A Duet

Book One


Samantha never saw Enzo coming.

As the dust settles from her divorce, her life is full. She doesn’t have time for distractions. She’s too busy running her own company and checking off numerous items from her kids’ demanding schedule to have a life of her own.

Then he walks into her kitchen with his breathtaking green eyes and a mischievous grin. He’s there to surprise his father – her contractor, but his presence makes everything off kilter.

Enzo’s perfectly content with his adventurous life as an elite rescue pilot, until a harmless prank turns on him. Instead of surprising his father, he finds his world thrown off course by the beautiful woman with a sexy smile, wicked sass and the mouthwatering ability to keep him on his toes.

With his limited time on leave, is she worth the risk to his heart? 



I love Single parent tropes and I love realistic but not stale interpretation on those relationships and how they grow. 

This is my first Amanda Shelley book and I fell in love!! This book is sweet, instalove, and amazingly steamy! He had his heart broken and never felt that connection again.

She was still recovering and finding herself after a marriage that created 3 beautiful and funny kiddos! 

Then the decision to add more chaos to her life and renovate her kitchen, was one of the best she ever made. 

Sam is who I wish I could be as a single mom (I am a mom just not a single one), she is strong balanced and generous. She does have a mildly shaky relationship with her ex, but is strong enough to rise above all their issues and pettiness so her kids can have an amazing relationship with their dad. 

Enzo is in his late 30s and just discovering who is he is after 20 years of bachelorhood and military life stationed so far away over seas disconnected from family and hometown friends. His time is coming to a close should he choose, but will that help him find himself, or settle down like his Mom and Dad want, or will he find adjusting to civilian life to hard to manage. 

Enzo is slowing overtaking all other boyfriends in my Book Boyfriend List, and I really want to be mommy friends with Samantha so she can teach me the balance she has found. 

This is my very first 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of 2020!! 

I cannot wait to see what book two of this duet hold in store!!!

Seriously…. I cannot wait! Lol
-Ashton 💜🦄

COVER REVEAL: You’re The One By Layla Hagen

COVER REVEAL: You’re The One By Layla Hagen

Very Irresistible Bachelors #1
By Layla Hagen
Release Date: February 4

Hot. Flirty. Romantic.

It all started as pretend…

My best friend, and one of the most powerful men in New York, needed my help.

Our first kiss was unexpected—but it still made my skin sizzle, my knees go weak.

The next one was in front of his tight-knit family. We had to be convincing. But it was so wicked hot, it almost convinced me too.

On our first night together, he told me that I had to keep us both in check, because he didn’t know how to keep the lines from blurring…

He touched me like I was precious, and held me close… barely stopping his fingers from pushing down the straps of my dress…

On our second night, our banter turned to flirting. Hunter—my best friend was now Hunter—the man.

Intense. Alluring. Sexy as hell.

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I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it 😀

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